The ultimate spa break? Your own home!


Are you in need of a spa break? Actually, the better question might be, who isn’t in need of a spa break? The relaxing music, the deep massage, the waft of a soft herbal scent, the head-to-toe glow you emerge with (from both the nourishing products and the joy of a stress-free day)… It’s enough to make you go and make an appointment immediately! But before you search for the nearest fancy hotel or day spa and book in for a date several months in the future, what if you could enjoy all of the above at any time – in the comfort of your own home?

As much as we all love a spa day, there are moments when it can be out of reach (put it down to a packed schedule, distance or looming bills). But luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to recreate all the magic of a luxurious spa within your own four walls. And it doesn’t just have to be for a special occasion! An at-home spa experience is the perfect way to add a serious dose of self-care to your routine, whether it’s a quick afternoon or a full #SelfCareSunday (our favourite way to fight off the dreaded ‘Sunday Scaries’).

It’s all about finding the self-care practices and products that encourage a deeper sense of connection between your mind, body and space – skin and body care from actual spa experts, massage tools so good they (almost) feel like a professional’s hands, and indulgent bath products that could easily be enjoyed with a glass of bubbly in hand. Here are our six top tips to the perfect at-home spa day; follow and prepare for ultimate relaxation…


1. Set up your space

Half the joy of a day spa is the feeling of total relaxation that surrounds you and the escape from everyday life. Think: the quiet hum of instrumental music in the background and the olfactory blend of incense, herbal oils and clean towels. It’s the opposite of how most of us would describe our homes, especially if you do happen to be coming into your self-care day after a stressful week. As the first part of your relaxation mission, take a little time to reorganise your space and create the spa vibe: close your blinds, dim any lights (fellow overhead lighting haters, unite!), pop on an ambient playlist and tell everyone in the house you’re only to be disturbed in case of emergency. Oh, and of course, light a candle! Our pick? The Flamingo Estate Clarity Candle. With notes of Douglas fir, ancient vetiver, angelica root and sweet basil, this woody, botanical scent is the grounding, calming type that would be right at home in any professional day spa.

2. Scrub, scrub and scrub some more

If you’ve ever had a full-body scrub at a Korean spa, you’ll know that intense exfoliation is essential to the experience. While sloughing off dead skin might not seem like the most soothing of treatments, the smoother-than-marble results are well worth it. But how can you achieve that by yourself at home? Answer: dry brushing. Take a tool, like the GOOP G.TOX Ultimate Dry Brush, on dry, pre-shower skin, and – starting at your feet – gently brush upwards towards your heart, with small, firm strokes or circular motions. After about five minutes, your skin should be left feeling silky soft and seriously reinvigorated. Plus, dry brushing can help with lymphatic drainage for a plump, glowing finish. But don’t stop the exfoliation there – once your hair is wet, rejuvenate your scalp with the beauty editor-loved G.TOX Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo. This salt-infused shampoo has a whipped texture that makes it a pleasure to rub into your hair. The botanical hit of rosemary and peppermint linger long after wash day, and the clarifying formula removes any sign of build-up, oil and dirt.

3. Soak it all in

Lucky enough to have access to a bath? Get ready for the soak of your life! Fill it up and add your extra (or extras) of choice. A bath salt is a popular choice to help relax your muscles and soften skin – Costa Brazil’s Sal de Banho - Bath Soak does exactly that, thanks to magnesium and potassium-rich Epsom and mineral sea salts. Or bring the magic of Hungary’s legendary thermal baths home with Omorovicza’s Budapest Bath Salts, which combine Hungarian, Dead Sea, Epsom and Himalayan salts alongside the brand’s unique mineral-rich Healing Concentrate™.

If your skin leans on the dry side, add the Omorovicza Budapest Bath Oil too; with a rich blend of jojoba oil, rosemary, sage, geranium and chamomile, it creates an aromatic atmosphere to soothe your body and mind.

No bath? No problem. The kit: Body Standard Kit packages up three of their hero products, including the beloved Wellness Wash. This lush gel contains a cocktail of plant-derived oils that nourish and bring a botanical, spa-inspired scent that levels up any shower.

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4. Spa-worthy skincare

It wouldn’t be a spa day without skincare – and who better to turn to than the Alpine spa expert herself, Susanne Kaufmann? You don’t have to fly all the way to Austria to enjoy the benefits of her day spa when you can keep her nourishing formulas at home. Now that you’ve cleansed the skin on your body, it’s time to gently cleanse your face with the ultra-hydrating Soothing Cleansing Milk. Then, layer on the Glow Mask. With a long list of revitalising ingredients, like caffeine, papaya enzyme and red date seed extract, this wash-off treatment will leave you with brighter, smoother and more hydrated skin in just 15 minutes. Take this time to engage in the most important type of self-care: reflection. Whether you enjoy journalling, affirmations or quiet meditation, enjoy a moment and reflect on how you’re feeling.

5. A full-body ritual

Is the deep, tension-relieving massage your favourite part of any spa day? Treat yourself to that experience with your own two hands thanks to Costa Brazil’s stainless steel massage tool. Designed to be paired with their equally indulgent Kaya Jungle Firming Body Oil, use with long, luxuriating strokes over your whole body to aid in lymphatic drainage. Not only does it feel amazing, it can help to reduce puffiness, soothe muscles and release tension, as well as helping your body care products to sink in. Don’t have the time for a full-body massage? Check back in with the kit: The Body Standard Kit – apply the Body Nutrition Lotion (taking the time to massage it in) and the Urban Hand Salve (your cuticles deserve some extra TLC too!).

6. Sleep it off

Last but certainly not least – the ultimate form of self-care: sleep. Hopefully, you’ve completed the other steps just in time for bed (or a cheeky nap). Otherwise, leave this step until just before you’re going to snooze off. Apply the Omorovicza Rejuvenating Night Cream; relish in the silky, moisture-locking formula, enriched with peptides and vitamin A for plumper, smoother skin come morning. If that wasn’t enough to send you straight to dream land, add the kit: RE:LAX Herbal Ingestible Drops to your evening routine. Featuring Australian rosella extract, lavender and magnesium, drop into a glass of water to support your nightly wind-down routine. Beauty sleep, incoming!

Want to curate a cupboard of body care worthy of the best spas? Start here.

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