SA Special Editions Vol 30 Issue 5s

Special Edition

Volume 30, Issue 5s

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The Quantum Gold Rush

The science is immature, and a multipurpose quantum computer doesn’t yet exist. But that isn’t stopping investors from pouring cash into quantum start-ups

The Coolest Physics You've Ever Heard Of

Ultracold atoms can simulate all sorts of quantum behavior

Can Quantum Mechanics Save the Cosmic Multiverse?

A surprising connection between cosmology and quantum mechanics could unveil the secrets of space and time

Spooky Quantum Action Passes Test

Recent experiments quash the hope that the unsettling phenomenon of quantum entanglement can be explained away

The Unsolvable Problem

After a years-long intellectual journey, three mathematicians have discovered that a problem of central importance in physics is impossible to solve—and that means other big questions may be undecidable, too

Lost in Thought--How Important to Physics Were Einstein's Imaginings?

Einstein’s thought experiments left a long and somewhat mixed legacy of their own

How Does the Quantum World Cross Over?

The universe according to quantum mechanics is strange and probabilistic, but our everyday reality seems nailed down. New experiments aim to probe where—and why—one realm passes into the other

Quantum Slits Open New Doors

An update to the classic “double-slit” experiment paves the way toward a novel strategy for quantum computing

What Einstein Really Thought about Quantum Mechanics

Einstein’s assertion that God does not play dice with the universe has been misinterpreted

China Shatters "Spooky Action at a Distance" Record, Preps for Quantum Internet

Results from the Micius satellite test quantum entanglement, pointing the way toward hackproof global communications

Space: The Final Illusion

The intuitive idea that objects influence each other because they are in physical proximity is soon to become another of those beliefs that turn out to be wrong when we look deeper

Escape from a Black Hole

To save quantum mechanics, information must break free from black holes. New observations may help tell us how

Beyond Quantum Supremacy: The Hunt for Useful Quantum Computers

With decades still to go until the first general-purpose quantum computers, the race is on to make today’s systems useful

The Quantum Internet Is Emerging, One Experiment at a Time

Breakthrough demonstrations using defective diamonds, high-flying drones, laser-bathed crystals and other exotica suggest practical, unhackable quantum networks are within reach

Quantum Gravity in the Lab

Physicists attempting to unify the theories of  gravity and quantum mechanics have long thought practical experiments were out of reach, but new proposals offer a chance to test the quantum nature of gravity on a tabletop


From the Editor
On the Heels of a Light Beam
Photons, Quasars and the Possibility of Free Will
Spin-Swapping Particles Could Be "Quantum Cheshire Cats"
New Instrument Will Stretch Atoms into Giant Waves
Quantum Physics May Be Even Spookier Than You Think