SA Special Editions Vol 31 Issue 2s

Special Edition

Volume 31, Issue 2s

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A Visual Guide to the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus

What scientists know about the inner workings of the pathogen that has infected the world 

Messenger RNA Therapies Are Finally Fulfilling Their Promise

Instructing our cells to make specific proteins could control influenza, autoimmune diseases, even cancer

The Brain Has a Special Kind of Memory for Past Infections

This form of recall may control immune responses beyond the central nervous system

How Immunocompromised People without Strong Vaccine Protection Are Coping with COVID

People with diseases or treatments that suppress their immune system cannot count on the same protection most vaccinated people have

The Terrible Toll of 76 Autoimmune Diseases

About 80 conditions can be described as autoimmune disorders, although definitions are still changing

A Shot against Cancer

Enhancing the body’s own immune system is leading to promising results in the battle against malignancy

In Autoimmune Disease, Organs May Lure the Immune System into an Attack

New evidence indicates that target cells may play a role in their own destruction

Why Nearly 80 Percent of Autoimmune Sufferers Are Female

The effects of sex hormones, X chromosomes and different gut microbes may be parts of the answer

Sewage Shows the Way to a Novel Diabetes Vaccine

Viruses found in contaminated water may protect against type 1 diabetes

The Immune Havoc of COVID-19

The virus flourishes by undermining the body’s chemical defense system

Could a Single Live Vaccine Protect against a Multitude of Diseases?

A controversial theory holds that one immunization, given properly, can protect against many diseases besides its target

Viruses Can Help Us as Well as Harm Us

Experts are figuring out how to exploit the 380 trillion viruses that make up the human virome

Targeted Treatments for Autoimmune Disease Make Progress

By aiming at specific genes or cells, researchers can boost effectiveness and reduce side effects

The Seventh Sense

Long thought to be divorced from the brain, the immune system turns out to be intimately involved in its functioning

Artificial Proteins Never Seen in the Natural World Are Becoming New COVID Vaccines and Medicines

Researchers have begun to crack the code of protein structure, allowing them to remake, well, everything

After COVID-19 Successes, Researchers Push to Develop mRNA Vaccines for Other Diseases

mRNA vaccines are now in the limelight as a key tool for tackling COVID-19, but the technology was originally developed for other diseases, such as cancer, that researchers are now hoping to treat


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