SA Special Editions Vol 31 Issue 3s

Special Edition

Volume 31, Issue 3s

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Social Capital in Black Communities Is Often Overlooked

Altruism, spirituality and civic engagement are keys to resilience

How Diversity Makes Us Smarter

Being around people who are different from us makes us more creative, more diligent and harder-working

How Economic Inequality Harms the Environment

Power imbalances facilitate environmental degradation—and the poor suffer the consequences

These Alternative Economies Are Inspirations for a Sustainable World

Making peace with the biosphere will require building communities and relationships that are focused on protecting life—human and nonhuman

Massively Reducing Food Waste Could Feed the World

It would also greatly cut greenhouse gas emissions

Microaggressions: Death by a Thousand Cuts

The everyday slights, insults and offensive behaviors that people of marginalized groups experience in daily interactions cause real psychological harm

The Pandemic Deepened Fault Lines in American Society

COVID energized the Black Lives Matter movement—and provoked a dangerous backlash

How to Close the Gender Gap in the Labor Force

As more women contribute to the economy, life gets better for everyone. Why are the barriers to opportunity so hard to change?

From Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter

Protest expert Aldon Morris explains how social justice movements succeed

The Brilliance Paradox: What Really Keeps Women and Minorities from Excelling in Academia

How a misplaced emphasis on genius subtly discourages women and Black people from certain academic fields

Doctors Must Dig into Gender Difference to Improve Women's Health Care

Researchers and doctors must dig deeper into gender differences before they can provide women with better treatments

The Harm That Data Do

Paying attention to how algorithmic systems impact marginalized people worldwide is key to a just and equitable future

People of Color Breathe More Unhealthy Air from Nearly All Polluting Sources

A trend of disproportionate exposure to deadly air pollution among Asian, Hispanic and Black people persists in most cases regardless of the emission source, a study finds

Discrimination Persists in Society--but Who Discriminates?

Is discriminatory behavior widely dispersed or highly concentrated in a small number of people?

How to Think about 'Implicit Bias'

Amid a controversy, it’s important to remember that implicit bias is real—and it matters

COVID Has Made Global Inequality Much Worse

The poor, no matter where they live, will suffer the greatest lasting toll

How Economic Inequality Inflicts Real Biological Harm

The growing gulf between rich and poor inflicts biological damage on bodies and brains

Vaccine Inequality Has Shut Vulnerable People Out of Plans to Save the Planet

Those with the most at stake were heard the least

To Prevent Women from Dying in Childbirth, First Stop Blaming Them

Two thirds of all U.S. maternal deaths are considered preventable. Racism—not race—is a critical factor

Inequality before Birth Contributes to Health Inequality in Adults

Improving newborn health is more essential now than ever


From the Editor
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Protect Voting Rights
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