SA Space & Physics Vol 5 Issue 4

Space & Physics

Volume 5, Issue 4

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Astronomers Gear Up to Grapple with the High-Tension Cosmos

A debate over conflicting measurements of key cosmological properties is set to shape the next decade of astronomy and astrophysics

Large Hadron Collider Seeks New Particles after Major Upgrade

Long-awaited boosts to the world’s most powerful collider could spur breakthroughs in the hunt for physics beyond the Standard Model

God, Dark Matter and Falling Cats: A Conversation with 2022 Templeton Prize Winner Frank Wilczek

The physics Nobelist and author has not exactly found religion—but that doesn’t mean he’s stopped looking

NASA Triumphantly Unveils Full Set of Webb's First Images

Breathtaking pictures that include the deepest-ever infrared view of ancient galaxies offer a preview of the spectacular science in store for the most powerful space observatory in history

How the Higgs Boson Ruined Peter Higgs's Life

A new biography of the physicist and the particle he predicted reveals his disdain for the spotlight

New Record-Breaking Simulation Sheds Light on 'Cosmic Dawn'

THESAN—the largest, most detailed computer model of the universe’s first billion years yet made—is helping set expectations for observations from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope


From the Editor
Beginnings and Endings
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Betelgeuse 'Great Dimming' Mystery Solved by Satellite Photobomb
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Canadian Telescope Delivers Deepest-Ever Radio View of Cosmic Web
Will NASA Save Europe's Beleaguered Mars Rover?
Cosmic Collisions Yield Clues about Exoplanet Formation
Space Won't Be Safe until the U.S. and China Can Cooperate