SA Special Editions Vol 31 Issue 4s

Special Edition

Volume 31, Issue 4s

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We Are the Aliens

The emergence of the human “dataome” is like a sudden invasion of Earth

Alone in a Crowded Milky Way

Even a galaxy teeming with star-hopping alien civilizations should still harbor isolated, unvisited worlds—and Earth might be among them

Everything Scientists Know So Far about the First Interstellar Objects Ever Detected

Strange bodies from beyond the solar system have defied predictions

Alien Anthropocene: How Would Other Worlds Battle Climate Change?

The problem would likely plague every technological civilization throughout the universe, says astrophysicist Adam Frank

The Race to Find Alien Moons

Astronomers are hunting for the first moon around a planet beyond our solar system

Meet the Unsung Heroes behind Humanity's Improbable Journey to an Alien Ocean

The author of a new book reveals the hidden human history of NASA’s in-development Europa Clipper mission

SpaceX's Starship and NASA's SLS Could Supercharge Space Science

Scientists are beginning to dream of how a new generation of super-heavy-lift rockets might enable revolutionary space telescopes and bigger, bolder interplanetary missions

Hunt for Alien Life Tops Next-Gen Wish List for U.S. Astronomy

A major report outlining the highest priorities and recommendations for U.S. astronomy has finally been released, revealing the shape of things to come

Are Humans Alone in the Milky Way?

Why we are probably the only intelligent life in the galaxy

How Visiting Venus Will Help Us Find Life on Distant Planets

What Venus can teach us about planets far beyond our own solar system

Astronomers Have Found Another Possible 'Exomoon' beyond Our Solar System

Kepler-1708 b-i appears to be a giant moon orbiting a Jupiter-sized planet thousands of light-years from Earth


From the Editor
Are We Alone?
A Mysterious 'Alien Beacon' Was Actually a False Alarm
Want to Talk to Aliens? Try Changing the Technological Channel beyond Radio
Scientists Plan Private Mission to Hunt for Earths around Alpha Centauri
Is It a Planet? Astronomers Spy Promising Potential World around Alpha Centauri
How Scientists Could Tell the World if They Find Alien Life
Avi Loeb's Galileo Project Will Search for Evidence of Alien Visitation
A New Recipe for Hunting Alien Life
Could an Industrial Prehuman Civilization Have Existed on Earth before Ours?
Hardy Microbes Hint at Possibilities for Extraterrestrial Life
Our Sun Could Someday Reveal the Surfaces of Alien Earths
Spy Satellites Confirmed Our Discovery of the First Meteor from beyond the Solar System
How to Search for Life as We Don't Know It
Innovations In
How Did Life Begin?