Scientific American Magazine Vol 327 Issue 3

Scientific American

Volume 327, Issue 3

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How the Inside of a Black Hole Is Secretly on the Outside

Mysterious “islands” help to explain what happens to information that falls into a black hole

The First Milky Way Black Hole Image Lets Scientists Test Physics

The first image of the behemoth at the center of our galaxy opens new avenues for understanding the nature of black holes

How Facebook Is Saving Snakes

Snake-identification groups on social media are turning serpent haters into appreciators

Better Atmospheric River Forecasts Are Giving Emergency Planners More Time to Prepare for Flooding

Knowing when torrents of rain will strike can save property and lives

Black Hole Mysteries Solved

Recent theoretical and observational results have revealed new secrets about these shadowy objects, with deep implications for more than just black holes themselves

How Physicists Cracked a Black Hole Paradox

Quantum entanglement and spacetime wormholes helped to solve a long-standing quandary

Black Hole Discovery Helps to Explain Quantum Nature of the Cosmos

New insights from black hole research may elucidate the cosmological event horizon

We Asked GPT-3 to Write an Academic Paper about Itself--Then We Tried to Get It Published

An artificially intelligent first author presents many ethical questions—and could upend the publishing process


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