Scientific American Magazine Vol 327 Issue 6

Scientific American

Volume 327, Issue 6

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The Best of JWST's Cosmic Portraits

These new views of familiar space sights reveal details never before seen

The Opioid Epidemic Is Surging among Black People because of Unequal Access to Treatment

Clinics and the most effective types of therapy are harder to find in communities where people of color live

Are the James Webb Space Telescope's Pictures 'Real'?

How the JWST’s cosmic images are made

How JWST Is Changing Our View of the Universe

The James Webb Space Telescope has sparked a new era in astronomy

How Taking Pictures of 'Nothing' Changed Astronomy

Deep-field images of “empty” regions of the sky from JWST and other space telescopes are revealing more of the universe than we ever thought possible

JWST's First Glimpses of Early Galaxies Could Break Cosmology

The James Webb Space Telescope’s first images of the distant universe shocked astronomers. Is the discovery of unimaginably distant galaxies a mirage or a revolution?

Moral Injury Is an Invisible Epidemic That Affects Millions

A specific kind of trauma results when a person’s core principles are violated during wartime or a pandemic


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