Scientific American Magazine Vol 322 Issue 3

Scientific American

Volume 322, Issue 3

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The Married Researchers Racing to Stop Prion Disease

The Married Researchers Racing to Stop Prion Disease

For Sonia Minikel Vallabh and Eric Vallabh Minikel, the quest to prevent a fatal neurodegenerative disease is personal

Is This Indonesian Cave Painting the Earliest Portrayal of a Mythical Story?

Archaeologists have dated figurative rock art from Sulawesi to at least 43,900 years ago

How a Dispute over a Single Number Became a Cosmological Crisis

How a Dispute over a Single Number Became a Cosmological Crisis

Two divergent measurements of how fast the universe is expanding cannot both be right. Something must give—but what?

A Breakthrough in Genetic Medicine for Rare Diseases

A long-disdained therapy that targets RNA is suddenly achieving spectacular success

What Is Really Killing Monarch Butterflies?

Some scientists suspect that Roundup and milkweed loss aren’t the only culprits

The Brain Learns in Unexpected Ways

White matter, the insulation around our neural wiring, plays a critical role in acquiring knowledge 

The Hidden Toll of Wildfires

A huge aerial campaign seeks to understand the effects of biomass smoke on human health


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