Scientific American Magazine Vol 325 Issue 3

Scientific American

Volume 325, Issue 3

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New Ideas about the Way Autoimmune Diseases Start and How to Stop Them

Millions suffer from ailments such as type 1 diabetes and lupus, in which the body attacks itself

World's Largest Wildlife Bridge Could Save Mountain Lions

An ambitious and popular project to connect the dangerously inbred Santa Monica mountain lions to a larger population is about to break ground

How I Was Betrayed from Within

One patient recounts her journey through a world of disabling symptoms, ineffective treatments and dismissive doctors

New Tech Can Reveal a Vast Network of Methane Leaks

But it is unclear if oil and gas companies and their regulators will respond

In Autoimmune Disease, Organs May Lure the Immune System into an Attack

New evidence indicates that target cells may play a role in their own destruction

Why Nearly 80 Percent of Autoimmune Sufferers Are Female

The effects of sex hormones, X chromosomes and different gut microbes may be parts of the answer

Targeted Treatments for Autoimmune Disease Make Progress

By aiming at specific genes or cells, researchers can boost effectiveness and reduce side effects

The Terrible Toll of 76 Autoimmune Diseases

About 80 conditions can be described as autoimmune disorders, although definitions are still changing

NASA Just Broke the 'Venus Curse': Here's What It Took

Despite the best efforts of scientists eager to study Earth’s sister world, U.S. efforts to send a dedicated spacecraft to Venus languished—until NASA made a surprising announcement


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