Scientific American Magazine Vol 325 Issue 5

Scientific American

Volume 325, Issue 5

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Mysteries of Ancient Egypt's Sacred Baboons Revealed

Studies of living and mummified baboons hint at why ancient Egyptians revered these pesky primates and uncover the probable location of the fabled kingdom from which they imported the animals

Vapor Storms Are Threatening People and Property

More moisture in a warmer atmosphere is fueling intense hurricanes and flooding rains

At Long Last, the James Webb Space Telescope Is Ready for Launch

The long-delayed successor to the Hubble Space Telescope is set to take flight in December

Agroecology Is the Solution to World Hunger

Millions of farmers are growing and sharing food in ways that enhance nutrition, biodiversity and quality of life


Ancient Martian 'Lake' May Have Just Been Ephemeral Puddles
Rivers Dump Mercury into Coastal Fisheries
The Surprising Architecture in Bees' Honeycombs
The Surprising Secret of Snakes' Venomous Bites
Tiny Vibrating Bubbles Could Make Mining More Sustainable
What's Brewing in a Beer Is Startling Complexity
In Case You Missed It
Early Earth's Slowing Rotation Helped Oxygen Build Up
2-D Room-Temperature Magnets Could Unlock Quantum Computing
Newfound Ocean Hotspot Draws Millions of Migrating Birds Each Year
See Ominous Supercell Storm Clouds as They Barrel across the U.S.
What We Lose as Snowfall Disappears, the Science behind Aesop's Fables, and Other New Books
Innovations In
The Quest to Overcome Gene Therapy's Failures
We Need to Ground Truth Assumptions about Gene Therapy
The Definition of Gene Therapy Has Changed
Gene Therapy Is Coming of Age
Four Success Stories in Gene Therapy
50, 100 & 150 Years Ago
50, 100 & 150 Years Ago: November 2021
Poem: 'The Way of Karma'
Graphic Science
Climate Change Drives Escalating Drought
Readers Respond to the July 2021 Issue
The Science Agenda
New State Laws Harm Public Health by Putting Politicians in Charge of Medicine
IPCC, You've Made Your Point: Humans Are a Primary Cause of Climate Change
The Science of Health
Advil, Tylenol and Similar Painkillers Used to Replace Opioids Carry Risks
From the Editor
Ancient Egypt's Sacred Baboons, Vapor Storms and Fighting Hunger
So-Called Next-Generation Nuclear Power Plants Are Being Oversold