Graphic eyes are trending! Here’s 3 looks to try now according to a makeup artist

While a smoky eye will always have its place in a well-rounded beauty roster, right now, it’s graphic shapes that we can’t take our eyes off. This moment in beauty is all about self-expression, individuality and letting your creativity run wild, and your lid space is the perfect place to experiment with shape and colour.

On set at our latest campaign shoot, makeup artist Shella Martin painted the town MECCA – and it’s no surprise that we saw so many impactful eye looks showing up in the stunning shots, as photographed by Georges Antoni. “We are pushing boundaries in beauty at the moment, making our own rules and exploring what makes us feel beautiful. A graphic eye brings something unique and creates a mood,” explains Martin.

So where to begin? Here are Martin’s top tips:

1. “Start with time on your side and good, even lighting,” says Martin, who turns first to eyeliners: the crayon-style MECCA MAX Zoom Liners, Stila Stay All Day® Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner – an automatic pencil that stays sharp – and Tom Ford and MECCA MAX liquid liners.

2. Attempt the graphic liner first before you apply any other makeup – including your foundation. “This will allow you to tweak the shape or remove one side if you’re struggling with symmetry [without ruining your base],” says Martin.

3. Know your liner. “Have the correct remover and sharp cotton tips on standby,” says Martin, who opts for Mecca Cosmetica Clean Slate Micellar Water or Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover for anything waterproof.

4. Finally, wear it alone for 10 minutes to ensure you’re happy with the placement – and that it won’t budge! – before finishing your makeup.

Ready to make your mark? Here’s three looks to try now.


For a unique twist on a wing liner, Martin created a rounded edge shape and worked with harmonious – yet slightly different – shades on each eye. Using the MECCA MAX Pout Pencil in ‘Boss’ as an eyeliner, she roughly drew two thick C shapes at the outer corner and blended softly towards the centre of the eye. Then, using a micellar water-soaked cotton tip, she etched out the desired graphic shape and set with eyeshadow from the MECCA MAX Mini Mix Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Sunset Squad’ for longevity. “I used two slightly different shades to keep it looking unique and add character,” says Martin. On the right eye, the magenta-red shade and on the left eye, the golden-yellow shade layered with the MECCA MAX Off Duty Blush Stick in ‘Tutu’.


For this expressive look, Martin used a liquid eyeshadow and freehand application to keep the look “artistically rebellious.” After prepping the eyelid with micellar water to remove any natural oils (PSA: oily eyelids are the enemy of budge-proof shadow), Martin used Ellis Faas' Creamy Eyes eyeshadow stick in ‘E124’ – a pigmented teal shade. To ensure a successful application, Martin applied it with the model’s eyes open and played around on the upper and lower lid. “Because the Ellis Faas eyeshadows have such a beautiful doe foot applicator, I didn’t need any additional brushes or cotton tips for this look – this is definitely a wonderful handbag option for a quick graphic look, day or night.”


When creating this MECCA-fied look, Martin started with a traditional wing to lift the outer corners of the model’s eye, then used the liner like a calligraphy pen to freely draw the word ‘MECCA’ in a shape that complemented the shape of the model’s eye and brow. “I had used the MECCA MAX Wink Ink Super Liquid Liner many times before, so I knew it would draw a steady line and evenly deposit colour as I drew,” Martin explains. While writing a word makes this look extra bold, you could create a similar mood that’s more wearable with a floating line – trace your liquid liner just above the natural curve of your eye socket (try it smooth or squiggled!).


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