Colourful makeup is dominating the runways – here's how to wear it

From every hue of blue to ‘Barbie-core’ pink, a haze of lavender and pops of red, we saw colour make a grand re-entrance on the Fashion Week runways from New York to London, Paris and Milan – and it wasn’t limited to Valentino’s tomato-red suiting or the azure feathers-and-leathers of Loewe. Makeup, too, took a kaleidoscopic turn with everything from shimmering mosaic eyes at Giambattista Valli to neon-bright ‘blush draping’ at Etro.

Naturally, we couldn’t help but be inspired – so we tapped MECCA Senior Makeup Specialist Georgie (a certified colour queen, who admits: “I would love to live in a world where hot pink cheeks, glittery eyes and a red lip is the day-to-day norm”) for her expert tips on how to integrate bolder hues into every beauty routine.

Her pick of the anyone-can-do-it trends? “Blush, blush and more blush! The colour trend at the moment seems to be the more blush the better – I’m totally on board,” Georgie reveals. She’s also excited about “graphic liner and statement monochromatic eyes”, which she praises as easy to achieve “quickly and at all skill levels”.

For those who prefer to walk on the more classic side: “A red lip will never go out of style, whether it is matte or glossy,” Georgie confirms, adding, “Nothing beats a clean, classy red lip.” She also names a pop of coloured eyeliner as a look that defies the trend cycle.

Even more timeless? Confidence: “When it comes to [wearing] colour, my ethos is ‘don’t knock it ’til you try it,’” says Georgie. “Wearing colour with confidence will make the look suit you.”

Yes, even if you’re a total makeup beginner – or fear your days of experimental eyeshadows and statement lips may be several decades behind you – Georgie is here to tell you that colour is, in fact, for all! Let’s get to it…


For those who are just starting out in makeup or looking to deviate from their tried-and-true neutrals-only routine, Georgie has a word of advice: “The incredible thing about makeup is that it comes off! If you’re wanting to dive into colour, the best thing to do is go for it. Experimenting is half the fun.”

She has three strategies to begin subtly introducing more colour: “One: try a bold lip. This is easy to do for all skill levels and can elevate any makeup look. M.A.C’s Velvet Blur lipsticks are great as the bullet size is smaller than a traditional lipstick, so it makes application really easy,” the makeup artist explains.

“Two: when I’m teaching people how to do makeup, I always say that the ‘scariest’ blush colours tend to look the best! Challenge yourself and try out a colour of blush that maybe pushes your makeup boundaries a little – you’ll be surprised how much you love it. I promise!”

A Team MECCA favourite? The new MECCA MAX Cheek Crush Powder Blush, which comes in eight buildable shades (side note: our beauty editor Kerri is partial to ‘Pinky Promise’).

“And three: try a pop of eyeliner on the waterline of your eye – for example, add blue to your bronze smoky eye! It’s so easy to do and it packs a punch,” Georgie recommends the MECCA MAX Zoom Liners for the “huge colour range”.

Still feeling less-than-assured in your bold makeup skills? Time to seek out some expert guidance with a MECCA Makeup Lesson. “It gives you uninterrupted time with an incredible MECCA makeup artist to help guide you in your product choices and give you tips regarding application,” says Georgie.

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You’re confident in your makeup skills and are ready to experiment, build on your basic techniques and amp it up: “Try combining colours you haven’t paired together before; if you’re already playing with colourful eyeshadows, try adding a bright eyeliner somewhere in the look or a coloured mascara to the lower lash line,” Georgie advises.

“I’ve definitely tried some colour combinations that haven’t worked out the way I had hoped, but it’s all about trial and error – and what didn’t work on you might work well for someone else, and vice versa!”

And for those of us on the other side of 30, 40 and 50? “There is a misconception that colour shouldn’t be worn past a certain age, however I think if you’re ever worried about colour in your routine, introduce it slowly and work your way up. Once you get comfortable with a pop of colour in your waterline - try adding some coloured mascara, from there the sky's the limit!

“I would also suggest slowly changing your lip colour to something brighter; you don’t have to go straight from a nude to a bright red.”

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Whether you’re a professional makeup artist yourself or just a passionate beauty maximalist, experimenting with bold colour is probably at the top of your list – and it's likely you’re on an endless quest for inspiration and unconventional techniques!

“I’ve had the privilege of doing many fun looks over my career, and my favourites are always the ones that challenge my artistry skills and that allow me to get creative and play with colour,” says Georgie. “I have a top two: the first is a really blown out pink/purple eye and the second is a blue eyeshadow look with a glossy finish that gave a ‘tie-dye’ effect under lights.”

As a MECCA Senior Makeup Specialist, Georgie loves “blending bright pinks and peaches on the cheek as blush and incorporating this colour up onto the eyes. This gives a really cool effect and appears as though your eyeshadow colour is veiling down onto your cheeks.

“Using bright lipsticks as a cream blush on your cheeks is also a great way to create colour harmony throughout a makeup look and add a huge pop of colour to the face,” she adds.


Here’s what you need to know, according to the expert:

· Adapt colourful shadow to your eye shape: “Apply [colourful] eyeshadow the way you would neutral shades, then step back, have a look and adjust from there. Once you have your technique down pat, you can switch up the colours and create hundreds of different looks.”

· Create custom eyeliners: “Mix any bright eyeshadow with setting spray and use this mixture with a liner brush to create graphic liner looks.”

· Make it last with layering: “The best way to get colours to last is by layering cream and powder products; set your cream blush with a powder blush, set your bright eyeliner with a bright eyeshadow.”

· Prime, prep and set: “Using an eye primer when creating bright eye looks is very important; it makes blending easier, intensifies pigment and lessens fall-out. Similarly, hydrate your lips and use a lip liner before your bold lipstick application to help it stand the test of time. And finally, make sure you’re setting all those colourful pigments in place with a setting spray!”

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